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This Private Website has been set up by Zed One Internet Services to provide support and resources to Vertical Portal owners and managers.

The site includes everything you need to know to set up and run your own Vertical Portal, including operational procedures, design and building tips, technical information, marketing and promotion strategies, and assistance with product development. Everything you need to help you make maximum profits from your portal.

The Portal Network not only offers you information, support and resources but also interactive elements, including a Discussion Forum so that you can communicate not only with us, but also other Vertical Portal owners. This will enable you to find the answers to any questions you have as they arise; to seek the support and assistance of others who understand exactly what you are doing, to discuss strategies and techniques you are using; and to discover new ways to make the most of your growing portal business.

The Portal Network website is dedicated totally to issues affecting the setting up and operation of Vertical Portals. This includes Topical and Affinity based Niche Market Portals and B2B Portals. So you can be assured that anything you need to know is going to be made available to you.

There is no other resource anywhere on the Internet that we've seen, which is going to be as valuable to you as this website will be. We can help you to set up your site, add content and community, develop or source products, and more. Plus as one of our Portal Partners, access to Affiliate Programs and Joint Venture opportunities will be abundant.

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